1 Kilo Germania Mint Cast Bar Silver

Germania Mint creates modern collector and investment products that are characterized by attractive designs, high-quality workmanship and innovative packaging.

Silver Cast Bars is the investment product of Germania Mint, which was launched at the beginning of 2021. Thanks to their attractive design, industry-leading finish and innovative packaging, the bars are quickly becoming popular not only with investors but also with collectors. The range of bars is constantly being expanded with products in different weights, sizes and designs.

The bars are engraved with individual numbers and protected with a hologram that guarantees their authenticity. Each product is registered in the Germania Mint database, which makes it possible to verify its authenticity using a combination of two unique numbers - the one on the bar and the one engraved on the hologram.

Silver cast bars are vacuum-sealed, which protects them from external influences. Each bar is individually packaged in specially designed boxes. Packaging with exclusive designs and refined finishes emphasize the uniqueness of the bars and make them not only a valuable investment but also a collector's item.

Germania Mint uses only the highest quality silver from LBMA-certified sources for the production of bars. We also ask you to buy silver only from reliable suppliers. This will help to avoid counterfeits and metals of questionable quality.

About the LBMA

The LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) is the association that controls the London Bullion Market - the over-the-counter wholesale market for gold and silver in the UK. Founded in 1987, the trade organization brings together the most prominent participants in the precious metals industry, including banks, mints and refineries.

The purpose of the LBMA is to set quality standards for the production and trading of silver and gold products. For the precious metals industry, the LBMA is the ultimate authority in setting best practice. Its accreditation is a global and timeless guarantee of trust among customers.

LBMA and Germania Mint

Germania Mint's coins and bars are appreciated by investors and collectors around the world and set new trends in the precious metals market. The Mint uses only LBMA-certified precious metal sources for their production.

Germania Mint is constantly developing its production facilities and working to improve quality standards. To date, the company has implemented regulations in areas such as the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (AML) and a responsible supply chain.

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