Germania Mint 100 gram 999.9 fine silver bar Silver cast bar

100 gram Germania Mint silver bar

Each bar is delivered in a specially made box

(available individually or 20 individual boxes in 1 carton)

Silver bars are the new investment product from Germania Mint, which is perfectly suited as an investment and collector's product thanks to its attractive appearance, high-quality finish and innovative packaging. In August 2021, Germania Mint completed its range of bars with the sizes 100 g, 250 g and 500 g silver bars.

The entire manufacturing process takes place at the Germania Mint, which gives it the ability to control every aspect and create products of the highest quality. For the production of silver bars, it uses the highest quality silver from LBMA-certified sources, which has a purity of at least 999 after refining.

The silver bars are tarnish-proof and vacuum-sealed to protect them from external influences. Each bar is individually packaged in specially made boxes. Boxes with exclusive designs and finishes emphasize the uniqueness of the bar and make it not only an investment but also a collector's item. The box also contains the specification of the silver bar.

The bars are engraved with individual numbers and secured with a Germania Mint hologram to guarantee authenticity. It is important to buy silver from a known source. This helps to avoid counterfeits and metal of questionable purity.

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