Angels and Demons - Lucifer Niue 2021 2Oz Silver Art Stamped High Relief Antique Finish

Niue 2021 $5 - Angels & Demons: Lucifer (2 oz silver)

Country: Niue

Year: 2021

Mint: Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska)

Face value: 5 NZD

Currency: New Zealand dollar

Composition: .999 silver

Diameter: 45 mm

Weight: 62.2 g

Edge: Smooth

Edition: 500

Condition: New - Packaging as new

Front: A depiction of heaven and hell, a fertile, prosperous and tranquil landscape on the left and a barren and desolate landscape on the right. The apple tree Eden in the center divides both antagonistic parts, good and evil, heaven and hell, leafy and full of life in its left half and dry and lifeless in its right half. Below the tree is the coat of arms of the public seal of Niue, surrounded by the year of issue of the coin, 2021, and the face value

Reverse: Lucifer wielding the scepter as the ruler of Hell, covered in 24 karat gold, with his wings folded, leading the battle against the angels, showing his superiority and pride with his head raised, heedlessly watching the battle while crossing his chest outward contemplation of an angel. Behind Lucifer, a soldier from Heaven and another from Hell engage in an aerial sword fight.

Lucifer is the first in the new Angels & Demons series, presented in a stunning 2-ounce high-relief coin with an antique finish, a rimless edge and selective gold gilding Lucifer, also known as Satan or simply the Devil, is considered by many religions to be the supreme ruler of Hell and demons. Alternatively, he is also considered the living embodiment of evil, whose power is surpassed only by that of God. Although Satan was originally a Judeo-Christian concept, almost all orthodox religions have an evil, god-like (or demigod-like) figure that can be said to be associated with Satan.

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