Big Five II - Leopard Ag 1 Oz UN South Africa 2023

4th edition of the Big Five II. Series

1 ounce 99.9% silver

Edition only 20,000 copies worldwide

Delivery in illustrated blister card

With the release of the Big Five II. Series, the South African Mint continues the success story of a coveted classic. The series again includes a total of five coins, all dedicated to South Africa's impressive wildlife. The animals known as the "Big Five" - elephant - lion - buffalo - rhinoceros - leopard - are considered emblems and ambassadors of this culturally rich country and represent the African fauna. The significance of this coin series is correspondingly great. The fourth issue is dedicated to the leopard. The motif shows a detailed close-up of the head of an adult leopard. The inscriptions "SOUTH AFRICA", "BIG FIVE 2023" and the South African coat of arms are also part of the design. The reverse shows two halves of a leopard's head. Placing two of these coins next to each other gives a full close-up portrait of a leopard. When several of these coins are placed next to each other, a full leopard pride can be seen. In the center are the denomination "FIVE RAND", the weight "1OZ" and the fineness "Ag 999".

Together with lion, tiger and jaguar, the leopard is one of the most graceful and powerful big cats on earth. A true survival artist, the powerful and lithe hunter can be found in the primeval forests of the continent as well as in mountains, savannahs and semi-deserts. The delivery of the limited to only 20,000 copies Big Five II. Leopard silver coin in stamp gloss quality takes place in a high-quality blister card of the South African Mint.

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