Royal Australian Mint - Australia - 1 AUD Dangerous Animals Jellyfish 2023 - 1 Oz Silver

This is the 4th issue of the series and shows after the Desert Scorpion, the Redback Spider and the Great White Shark the Jellyfish (jellyfish) from the bullion coin series the most dangerous animals of Australia.

From the Royal Australian Mint comes this new bullion coin series on the theme of the most dangerous animals of Australia and the prelude makes the Redback Spider. The series is issued in 1 oz fine silver (limited to 25,000 pieces) and in 1 oz fine gold (limited to 250 pieces). The chosen motif shows the Redback Spider, this has already appeared in the Deadly & Dangerous series as a first issue and is one of the Modern Numismatic coins that now achieve the highest price premiums.


Issuing country: Australian

Mint: Royal Australia Mint

Year of issue: 2023

Face value: 1 AUD

Material: Silver

Weight: 31,103g

Purity: AG 999/1000

Diameter: 40.00 mm

Coin edge: Fluted

Mintage: 25.000

Minting quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

Packaging: individually encapsulated

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