Germania Mint - Valkyries Series: Ostara 2023 - 2 Oz Silver Ultra High Relief Color

This is the second issue from the new Valkyries series of the Germania Mint which will include a collection of Germanic goddesses - beautiful and warrior maidens, daughters of Odin. In mythology, the Valkyries carried the souls of the bravest warriors who had fallen in battle to Valhalla. Ostara symbolizes spring awakening and blossoming. With her comes freshness, light and joy.

On the obverse, Ostara, the goddess of the victory of life over death, is accompanied by a stag and a hare, symbols of fertility. According to belief, the Valkyrie found an injured bird while walking in the snow and transformed it into a more cold-resistant animal, a hare. Ostara herself is dressed in an airy white dress and a garland of flowers. This 2 oz fine silver coin is strictly limited to only 999 pieces worldwide.

Technical Data:

Mint: Germania Mint

Year of issue: 2023

Material: Silver

Weight: 62.206g

Purity: AG 999.9/1000

Diameter: 45,00 mm

Edition: 999

Minting quality: Antique finish, Ultra High Relief, colored

Packaging: Encapsulated in original case and certificate of authenticity

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