The Awakening: House of Cards 2022 - 2 Oz Silver BU HighRelief - USA

This new series seeks to cover a wide range of topics and concepts that directly address the corruption and theft perpetrated by governments, financial institutions, and Deep State organizations that rob ordinary people of true individual freedom. Each design conveys a unique story and hidden message, so collectors are excited for each release.

Each 2022 2 oz Infinity Silver mintage is minted from two troy ounces of 9999 pure silver. In addition, this release is limited with a mintage of only 20,000 pieces.

The reverse is minted with the same motif on all series releases.

The open eye immediately attracts attention and symbolizes the awakening of the mass public against evil and corruption. Well known is the eye of the pyramid, which can be found on the fiat US dollar. The Latin date 1776, marked by the text MDCCLXXVI, is the date when the Second Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain. In front of the stones of the pyramid is written ANNUIT COEPTIS, which translates as He (God) has favored our undertakings. All of these features are based on the original 1776 U.S. seal, and the date 2022 is visible in the stones of the pyramid, as is the weight and purity of the silver embossing. The reverse is embossed with the insightful quote YOU CANT WAKE A PERSON WHO IS PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP, which fits the overall concept of the series and means in German, You can't wake a person who is only pretending to be asleep.

The Liberty Ama-Gi design on the motif side shows Lady Liberty with the Ama-Gi symbol in the background. Ama-gi is Sumerian and is considered the first written expression of the concept of Liberty, dating back to the 21st century BC. A common interpretation of Ama-Gi is a freedom from debt, slavery, taxation or punishment.

Technical data:

Issuing country: USA

Year of issue: 2022

Material: Silver

Weight: 62,206g

Purity: AG 999.9/1000

Diameter: 39,99 mm

Edition: 20.000

Minting quality: Brilliant Uncirculated, Brilliant Uncirculated, HighRelief

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