Wombat 2023 - 1 Oz Ounce Silver 999 - Australia 1 AUD

Australia - 1 AUD Wombat 2023 - 1 Oz Silver

This silver bullion coin from The Perth Mint Australia is made from 1 Oz of the purest 9999 fine silver and depicts the Australian wombat. This is the 3rd issue in the series, which is released annually with a different motif. The issue is strictly limited to 25,000 pieces worldwide. Delivery is individually encapsulated. 20 pieces in a sealed roll or 100 pieces in a box of 5 rolls of 20 pieces each.

Technical data:
Country of issue: Australia
Mint: Perth Mint Australia
Year of issue: 2023
Face value: 1 AUD
Material: Silver
Weight: 31.103g
Purity: AG 999.9/1000
Edge: Corrugated
Mintage: 25,000
Minting quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
Packaging: Encapsulated

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