Germania Mint - 10 Mark Germania 2024 - 2 Oz Silver

Germania Mint - 10 Mark Germania 2024 - 2 Oz Silver

Germania, the main character of the main Germania Mint series, continues to explore the mysteries of the mainland in 2024. By now she has managed to acclimatize herself to the lush vegetation that abounds there, full of magical stones with ritual runes. Her every move is closely watched by two ravens, which act as the eyes and ears of Odin, the god of war, wisdom and poetry. The larger the coin in the collection - 1, 2, 10 ounces or 1 kg - the perspective of the obverse of Germania 2024 expands once again. However, this year's issue brings with it another innovation: the individual design elements on the obverse change. Each coin is housed in a lens capsule with a certificate of authenticity, which contains all the necessary information and guarantees the originality of the coin. The entire set comes in secure and elegant packaging, which is an essential part of the collector's set.

Limited edition of only 2,000 pieces
Contains 2 ounces of .9999 fine silver

Technical data:

Mint: Germania Mint

Year of issue: 2024

Nominal value: 10 Mark

Material: Silver

Weight: 62.206g

Purity: AG 999.9/1000

Diameter: 50.00 mm

Coin edge: Fluted

Mintage: 2.000

Minting quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

Packaging: Individually encapsulated with certificate and blister pack in slipcase

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