New Zealand - 1 NZD Kiwi 2024 - 1 Oz Silver Blister - New Zealand Kiwi

New Zealand Kiwi 2024

The Roroa kiwi, also known as the North Island brown kiwi or Rowi kiwi, is one of the rarest and most endangered kiwi species in New Zealand. This remarkable bird is the subject of this year's Kiwi issue. Roroa kiwis are primarily found in the forests of the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, particularly in the regions around the Okarito Forest and the Haast area.

This kiwi species is characterized by its impressive size, as it is one of the largest kiwis and adult birds can grow up to 45 cm. They have dense, brown plumage and a long, curved beak. A distinctive feature of Roroa kiwis is their short, stubby tail feather, which is striking compared to other kiwi species.

Roroa in Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project (RNRP) are protected through the work of the Department of Conservation and a group of volunteers called Friends of Rotoiti (FOR). This is an excellent example of successful collaboration between the government and the local community. The work FOR is doing to save Roroa includes controlling rats, martens, possums and feral cats by setting traps and monitoring the presence of pests. In addition, kiwis and other native animals such as Kākā, lizards and robins are monitored in areas of the RNRP.

1 Oz / ounce silver commemorative coin
Minted from 999 fine silver
Designed by Stevan Stojanovic from Ōtaki, New Zealand
Worldwide limited edition of 5,000 pieces
Part of NZ Post's annual Kiwi coin program.

Featuring the design of coin designer and sculptor Stevan Stojanovic, this coin depicts a Roroa kiwi on the shores of Lake Rotoiti with a high quality finish.

This annual coin issue celebrates New Zealand's unique kiwi bird, Aotearoa New Zealand.

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